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Our 50g Orange Turnout Rug is made from best quality 1200 Denier Ripstop material and boasts Waterproof properties along with tough durability. Our Turnout Rugs are Double Lined with a Breathable Nylon wick that doesn't hold moisture with a thermo fill to keep a warm pocket of air between your horse and the outer shell. 

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Customer Q&A?

Q&A with our Customer Aisling Harding.

Aisling uses our Liner Rugs & Turnouts, She had this to share when i recently sought her feedback on Our Rugs.

Q. Keith.

Hi Aisling, hope you are doing well, I was hoping I could ask for some feedback on our liner rug, regarding its breathability, does it trap Odours, and does it move moisture away from the horse and any Fungus issues or rubbing? Just a few questions I had from a customer at an event I attended, so I thought who better to ask than our customers for honest answers!

Ans. Aisling.

Well my horses all live out 24/7 and the older pony has a 100g Swish liner on all the time, absolutely no rubbing or moisture or fungus issues that I have seen anyway. She only really comes in at the weekends for a brush etc but she’s not being ridden at the moment. She is sensitive enough so I’m really pleased there’s been no rubbing.

My own mare doesn’t have a liner as she’s in a warm enough rug at the moment, she’s a hardy girl 

The TB is the one with the Swish rug and liner and he’s doing really well in them, no rubbing or sweating and he’s so thin skinned so I’d say he’d rub easily. I love that they are lightweight yet warm, the layers are much better than one big heavy rug I think. Like ourselves it’s better to have layers and trap the heat between them.

Hope that helps.... 

Fabulous, really appreciate the feedback. Always helps my confidence in our Rugs when we have it straight from our end users. Thanks so Much Aisling. 

Aisling purchased Our Mint 100g Turnout and supporting 100g Liner/under Rug

Aisling's Liner Website Review.

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