Horse Rugging Tips

Horse Rugging Tips

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When purchasing a new horse rug, learn how to determine the perfect size of horse rug for your horse and how to properly measure your horse using the Swish Equestrian horse rug size guide. 

Choosing the right size horse rug for your equine buddy is an important element of assuring their comfort and welfare as a horse owner. A horse rug that is too tiny might be uncomfortable and impede movement, but a rug that is too large can slip and cause irritation. To avoid these problems, it's critical to properly measure your horse and utilize a size chart when shopping for a new horse rug.

Taking measurements of your horse

Before you begin looking for a horse rug, you must first measure your horse to establish its size. Here's how to go about it:

Begin by placing your horse on a flat surface and holding their head at a normal height.

  • Measure from the centre of your horse's chest to the point of their buttocks. This is known as the 'rump measurement. See Our Size Guide

    When you've measured your horse, utilize Our horse rug size guide to establish the proper size of rug for your horse. 

    Once you've determined your horse's size, it's time to find the best rug for them. When choosing a rug, keep the following elements in mind: Also Read Our Blog

    Climate: Choose a rug that is appropriate for the weather. A lightweight rug is appropriate for mild weather, but a heavy rug is appropriate for colder weather.
    Activity level of the horse: Choose a rug that allows your horse to move freely if he is energetic. A rug with a neck cover may limit mobility so having a detachable neck can be an added advantage.
    Material: Choose a rug made of a material appropriate for the environment. A Waterproof 1200 Denier rug, for example, is good for our Irish wet weather or Fly Combo in Summer whereas a Stable rug is ideal for indoors overnight.

    Finally, selecting the proper size horse rug for your horse is critical for their comfort and well-being. Correctly measuring your horse and using a size reference guide, can assist you in getting the perfect fit. With these considerations in mind, you can find the ideal rug for your equine companion.

    Watch Katy Scott's Rug Fitting Video on our YouTube channel. Katy is the head coach at Seaview Equestrian here in Dingle Co. Kerry. Website 

    Also read Aftercare For Your Rug Link 

    Wear & Tear

    Horse rugs are crucial for keeping your horse warm and dry while shielding them from the weather. They are, however, vulnerable to damage, and it is critical to understand why and how to avoid it. In this blog, we will also discuss why horse rugs get damaged, why a horse rug may tear, why a quality horse rug will not withstand the pushing force of a horse caught in the surcingles, why horses will try to get a horse rug off their backs, and the importance of checking and adjusting your horse rug to keep it properly balanced. 

    Why are horse rugs damaged?

    A horse rug can be damaged for a variety of causes. The most prevalent cause is normal wear and tear caused by horses moving, rolling, and playing. The rug's fabric can rub against the horse's skin or the ground, producing holes and tears. Horses can also become entangled in fences or other things, causing injury. Weather and environmental elements such as wind, rain, and muck can also contribute to wear and strain.

    What causes a horse's rug to tear?

    A horse rug can tear for a variety of reasons. If a horse gets hooked on a fence or another object, the fabric can stretch and finally tear. Furthermore, if the rug is not properly fitted, it might become twisted or dragged out of place, producing tension on the fabric and tearing. 

    A high-quality horse rug may not be able to withstand the pressing force of a hind leg stuck in the surcingles because it was not meant to do so. When straps become loose a horse can get stuck and unable to move, they may panic while trying to get free, putting enormous strain on the rug. Even the most expensive of horse rugs will tear during this struggle. 'Your rug tearing will prevent your horse from sustaining a serious injury due to being trapped in a tangled rug'. However regularly checking your rugs balance, tension and fit will prevent this from happening.

    Key Tips on fitting a horse rug

    • Three to four fingers of a gap between the Surcingles and the horses body is recommended to leave comfort for expanding while grazing.
    • The front surcingle should be fastened first with the rear crossing over it. 
    • The rear leg straps should be looped through each other to prevent slip
    • The front chest area should have a three to four finger comfort space
    • You never want your rug tight or too loose just 100% comfortable 
    • Swish Wide Gussets and fit is generous in comparison to our competitors meaning a Swish rug will sit higher on the withers reducing any rubbing and remaining well balanced. Read our reviews on our Homepage

    Why do horses strive to get rid of their rugs?

    Horses may attempt to remove their rugs for a variety of reasons. To begin, if the rug is ill-fitting or uncomfortable, the horse may attempt to remove it. Also, horses may become overheated or under-heated and attempt to control their temperature by removing the rug. Horses may feel constrained or trapped by the rug and attempt to remove it in order to escape. Checking rug fit & balance daily is recommended.

    Why is it necessary to inspect and adjust straps?

    To maintain a horse rugs balance, the straps must be checked and adjusted on a regular basis. If the rug is excessively loose, it might slip and twist, causing irritation and damage. A rug that is excessively tight might cause friction and discomfort, which can lead to sores and infection. You may guarantee that the rug fits snugly and comfortably on your horse by adjusting the straps on a regular basis.

    Horse rug repair suggestions

    There are various ways to restore your horse's rug if it becomes damaged. A repair kit can be used to mend small holes or tears in the rug. If the damage is severe, you may need to take the rug to a professional repair service. In some circumstances, replacing the rug rather than repairing it may be more cost-effective.

    Ireland's best horse rug laundries and repair shops

    The Equestrian Laundry, The Rug Hub, The Rug Guru & KC Equine Come highly recommended by Swish customers for both cleaning and repair.

    Here is a link to some horse rug laundry or repair centers in Ireland:

    Google Search

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