Cleaning & Re-proofing

It is important to keep your stable or turnout rug clean and free from grease. If you allow grease to build up it may cause hair loss on their shoulders or mane as the grease grips and can pull out the hairs. 

We would recommend that you wash & reproof your rug once a year.⁠ If your rug fits in your washing machine, you can wash at home but make sure that you use a rug wash such as Nikwax, detergents or fabric conditioners will damage the waterproofing. Do not tumble dry! You can also hose & scrub your rug outside in between washes if necessary.


Drying Your Horse Rug

A horses’ rug is like any clothing article and should be hung to dry in a well ventilated, dry area if it is removed when it is still wet or damp. Rugs must be totally dry and aired before being stored to avoid any mold or rotting of the stitching. ⁠We find the quickest way to dry your rug can be to leave it on your horse! If it is dry underneath this will not do your horse any harm and will retain the heat they have generated.


Nylon Cooler and Combinations Rugs Cleaning advice.

Due to the construction of our nylon cooler and combination UV Rugs, we recommend the following. Use a Soft bristle brush to remove any dirt on your rug and clean Stubborn stains using a non-biological natural soap and soft bristle brush by hand. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove hair from the lining and seams. We recommend preferably hand washing our nylon rugs separately in lukewarm water or Machine wash on cold cycle without spinning. *No detergent or sealer should be added to the wash, then your rug should be air dried on a rug rack*. Use a spray or sponge on water proofer such as Fabsil Gold. Apply only once your rug is clean and dry to fabric outer shell, do not apply sealer to the Nylon Mesh part of your summer rug or the inner lining.

Always check your Rugs throughout the season for wear and tear and at season changeover. This ensures your rugs can be maintained and repaired when necessary to prolong the the rugs lifetime value season after season.

Storing Your Swish Rug

Most Swish Horse Rugs are sold with their own handy storage bag - the perfect container for them when not in use. Ensure your rug has been brushed clean and is dry before storing at minimum to ensure the quality remains intact. Store out of direct sunlight in a dry well aired space without dampness or moisture thus preventing mold or smells building up. If you do not wish to store your rug in their bag, rug racks will ensure the rugs are well ventilated. 

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