Footwear Care Kit

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Grangers Complete Footwear Care Solution

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A complete package was made to handle all footwear requirements.
Footwear + Gear Cleaner removes all dirt and grime.
Our new, all-purpose, extra-durable footwear proofer, Footwear Repel Plus, with enhanced conditioning, takes the bother out of maintaining your shoes.
Footwear brushes help with those difficult-to-reach areas by removing any dried-on filth.
Instead of covering up strong odours with scents, Odour Eliminator eliminates them at the source.
approved by Bluesign®.

Our new and improved all-in-one kit is all you need to ensure your footwear keeps moving. Including our Footwear + Gear Cleaner, Footwear Repel, Footwear Brush and Odour Eliminator, this kit will take care of all footwear, regardless of its material.

  • This kit includes:

Footwear + Gear Cleaner is a powerful, yet bluesign®-approved, spray-on cleaner formulated to remove all dirt and odours from all footwear and gear, meaning you can also give your backpack a spruce while you’re at it!

Footwear Repel Plus is Footwear + Gear Cleaner’s right-hand man. This spray-on proofer is a new addition to the Grangers range, replacing Footwear Repel. It offers enhanced durability and added conditioning, meaning it’s suitable for a range of footwear, including suede, nubuck, Leather and fabric, so you know that this one product looks after them all!

The footwear brush is the ideal footwear-cleaning tool and a great first step before cleaning your footwear. This wooden-handled brush has tough bristles, which means it’ll remove any dried-on dirt (no matter how tough) without impairing performance. Its pointed end is also great for cleaning treads and other hard-to-reach places.

Odour Eliminator is a powerful yet gentle formulation, meaning that it tackles odours at their source rather than masking them with perfumes. It is also kind to breathable membranes and water-repellent finishes at the same time.

So, with this handy kit covering all your footwear care needs, why not start planning where your feet will take you next?