Horse Rug Wash

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Grangers 5 Litre Wash

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Strong cleanser made specifically for all horse rugs and blankets This simple cleaning refreshes and revives any existing repellency while delicately removing dirt and smells. Suitable for all textiles, including Gore-Tex®

  • Use Grangers Rug Repel after cleaning if any repellency is still present

Strong yet delicate cleaning.


eliminates odours.

No Residue.

Performs equally well in both hard and soft water.

enhances any water-repellent coating already in place.




1. Use 100 mL of water for every wash load, regardless of whether the water is soft or hard.

2. Shake the bottle.

3. Fill the washer drawer with the liquid.

4. Make sure the washing machine is big enough for the items to fit comfortably.

5. Air-dry your rug.

  • Note: Double the dosage if using a top loader


1. Lay out the rug on a spotless surface.

2. Use a bucket or hose to thoroughly wet the area.

3. Add 100 millilitres to one litre of warm water.

4. Work the solution into the cloth using a soft brush or sponge.

5. Thoroughly rinse with fresh water.

6. Repeat as necessary.

Air-dry your rug.