Swish Equestrian Ireland Cold Weather Horse Care Guide

Swish Equestrian Ireland Cold Weather Horse Care Guide

Choosing The Correct Horse Rug 

Horses can suffer from the effects of cold weather, so it's crucial to take extra precautions to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. Selecting the appropriate horse rug for the climate is an important part of winter horse care. This blog post will discuss various horse rugs and when to use each one based on the temperature. We'll also discuss why Swish horse rugs are a fantastic option for your horse and offer some grooming advice to keep them feeling and looking their best all winter long.

It is worth noting the weather can remain cold in Ireland from November through to April so having a selection of rugs is important in ensuring your horse is well protected especially when clipped or turned out overnight.

Selecting the Best Horse Rug

There are a few things to think about while picking the best horse rug, including the weather, the horse's coat and overall health, and whether the horse is stabled or turned out. These are some broad recommendations for selecting a rug based on temperature:

10-15 degrees Celsius: Your horse might benefit from a thin rug or sheet to stay warm. This can offer some weather protection while also assisting in keeping your horse's coat tidy and dry. Click to view 0g Turnout - 50g Turnout - 75g TurnoutCombo Rug - 50g Stable Rug

5 to 10 degrees Celsius: During colder weather, a Light to medium-weight rug can add additional warmth. Because it can support body temperature regulation and ward off chills, this kind of rug is also perfect for clipped horses. Click to View 100g Turnout - 200g Turnout - 100g Stable Rug - 200g Stable Rug - Rug Liners

At temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, you may keep your horse dry and toasty by using a heavier weight rug or combination rug. For further protection, this kind of rug should also have a neck cover. Click to View 200g Turnout - 360g Turnout - 450g Turnout - 360g Stable Rug - Rug Liners

Below -5 degrees Celsius: In exceptionally cold weather, a heavyweight combo rug or stable rug with a neck cover. 200g Turnout - 360g Turnout 450g Turnout - 360g Stable Rug - Rug Liners 

Why Swish Horse Rugs are a Wonderful Option

Many horse owners use swish horse rugs, and for good reason. These rugs are created to offer horses the best comfort and protection possible. They are composed of premium materials, including breathable and waterproof textiles. Swish rugs are available in a range of forms, including lightweight sheets, medium-weight rugs, and heavyweight combo rugs, making them appropriate for various temperatures and climatic circumstances. Swish rugs are long-lasting and sturdy, so you can be sure that your horse will be cozy and well-protected all winter long. Swish rugs come with Liner attachments as standard meaning you can add a secure extra layer using a Swish Rug Liner.

Winter grooming suggestions

It's crucial to pay extra care to your horse's grooming throughout the colder months in addition to selecting the appropriate horse rug. This can encourage healthy circulation and coat growth while also keeping your horse comfortable and sound. Here are some suggestions for winter grooming:

To get rid of grime, perspiration, and loose hair, brush your horse frequently. Moreover, it may increase blood flow and support a healthy coat.

Because thrush and other hoof issues can develop in damp and muddy conditions, pay close attention to your horse's hooves. Regularly wash, dry, and treat your horse's feet with hoof oil or other treatments to maintain their health.

After riding or cleaning your horse, use a sweat scraper to remove any extra moisture. Chills and other health issues may be avoided in this way.

Give your horse a lot of access to clean, fresh water and premium hay or pasture. This can support healthy digestion and help keep the body in shape.

Throughout the cold weather, keep an eye on your horse's weight and physical condition and alter their feed and/or rug as necessary to maintain their health and comfort.

You can assist to keep your horse comfortable, healthy, and happy during the cold season by using these suggestions and picking the appropriate horse rug for the climate. And no matter what the weather throws at you, you can be sure that your horse is receiving the best protection and comfort possible with Swish horse rugs. Always consult with your vet on best practice and care for your horse all year round by using only the best quality rugging solutions.


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